Also known as:

St. Peter’s Fish, Sunfish

Did you know?

Tracing its roots to the Nile River, “Tilapia” is actually a group of species within the tilapiine cichlid genus. Tilapia has been farm raised for decades and is cultivated in warm waters across the globe. Sometimes called “St. Peter’s Fish,” the tilapia is, according to legend, the one fish that Jesus of Nazareth used to feed the masses. Whole tilapia normally range from one to two pounds in size.

Cooking Methods:

Bake; Fry; Grill; Broil; Saute; Steam

Cooking Tips:

Tilapia is a highly versatile fish with a very delicate flavor. This freshwater fish is frequently served baked, fried or grilled. Whatever cooking method you choose, stick with a subtle sauce to help avoid overpowering the fish’s subtle taste. The tilapia’s attractive skin is gold, red, or black and white and should be featured but not eaten, as it can have a bitter taste.