Also known as:

Chinook, King, Spring

Did you know?

Chinook, also called “Kings,” are the largest and most prized species of Pacific Salmon. They are the most expensive of all salmon species and are often found in upscale restaurants and better supermarkets. Most Pacific Salmon spend one to three years at sea; kings can stay out as long as five years before returning to where they spawn. Chinook are harvested primarily by trawlers, but are also fished by seiners and gillnetters. They can reach upwards of 50 pounds, but the bulk of the commercial catch ranges between 11 and 18 pounds.

Cooking Methods:
Bake; Grill; Broil; Smoke; Poach

Cooking Tips:

For the purist, the less you do to the rich and flavorful king salmon, the better. However, this fish can also stand up to hearty seasonings and flavorful sauces. For a simple yet bold treat, try broiling or grilling a piece of king salmon with pesto sauce.