Also known as:

Sea Bass, Patagonian Tooth Fish

Did you know?

Due to the slow-growing, deep-sea origins of the Chilean sea bass, there has been speculation about the ability to sustainably harvest this popular seafood option. Additionally, Monterey Bay has recognized MSC-certified Chilean sea bass as the only sustainable option, encouraging consumers to inquire about a sea bass’ “Chain of Custody” certification prior to purchasing. NorthStar Seafoods carries MSC-certified Chilean sea bass, providing stores and restaurants the ability to carry this “luxury” seafood locally while adhering to sustainable seafood product options.

Cooking Methods:
Bake, Broil, Poach

Cooking Tips:

Chilean Sea Bass is a very oily fish with excellent flavor. As one of the most sought-after fish on the market, Chilean sea bass is a moist white fish that flakes easily and has a mild flavor and pleasantly firm texture.