Dungeness Crab

Did you know?

Like all crabs, the Dungeness crab is high in protein and minerals, and low in fat. About one quarter of this crab’s weight is meat‚ making it one of the meatiest crabs available. Most of the meat is in the eight legs and two claws‚ although the body contains plenty as well.

Cooking Methods:
Boil, Steam, Saute

Cooking Tips:

Dungeness crabs will stop eating when removed from the pressure and cold temperatures of their habitat, so keeping them alive in aquaria for even a day will degrade their quality. The starvation process will make the meat spongy and discolored (greyish) and will draw calcium from the shell, weakening the shell of the crab. When buying crabs, freshness can be tested by feeling the outer parts of the legs. If they bend easily, the crab isn’t fresh.